If you are a student or a professional


To make precise and beautiful Resumes, you need to Login to our website using Google Sign-in. Click on "Login with Google" button on top-right corner of the page as shown in the image.

Select the template

We have several beautiful templates available, which you can choose to make your CV. This templates will help you keep your Resume consice and readable.

Make your Resume

Fill/Edit all your details in the Resume template like your personal details, educational qualifications, skills, hobbies etc.


After completing the details in the template, you are all set to download your Resume. Click on the Print/Save botton to download your resume in pdf format.

If you are a Placement Cell of an institute

Sign In

If you are a Placement Cell represantative, you can upload your template on our site. Your institute's student will be able to use the template that you upload. Sign in if you already have an account, otherwise you can register

Register your Institute

Enter all the details in the form and click on register. We will verify the details and mail you in 2-3 days.

Upload the template

Once logged in, you can upload the pdf of resume your institute wants to use. Click on upload, and select the pdf file and upload.


Once you have uploaded the file, the screen will look like this. We will upload the template for your students in 2-r days time.

For further queries, contact spc@daiict.ac.in